Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has sprung..... It snowed today!

Well, like a good half of the country we're having crazy weather here in Idaho too.  Almost 70 degrees last week....snow flurries this morning.  My poor blooming plum trees are so confused.  So, I'm having my own burst of spring in my studio today preparing for this week's upcoming quilt show and thought I would share a couple of gorgeous springy quilts made by my favorite piecer Pat (you're all my favorites by the way).

First off is Pat's Wedding Ring Quilt which she made for herself.  A Judy Niemeyer pattern originally named "Flowers for my Wedding".  This quilt is paper pieced with a gorgeous applique vine loaded with flowers.
She has graciously allowed me to borrow it from her so that I may display it in my booth at the quilt show this weekend.  Be sure to drop by and see it in person.

I would love to wake up with this quilt on my bed every morning!

All of the vines and flowers were stitched in the ditch with clear thread.
The background fill was all freehand feathers and swirls.
Each melon and ring center had a custom feather motif quilted as a background fill.
The rings and center joints  and the sawtooth border were are stitched in the ditch with clear thread.

The 2nd quilt of Pat's that I wanted to share will be exhibited in the quilt show this weekend.  Hopefully you'll be able to come see it in person also!  

Pat's Garden Gate

The background hydrangea fabric is quilted with a digital round feather motif.....I thought it looked a bit like a flower.   I wanted the lattice to really look interlocking so freehand quilted a slat pattern in the lavender piecing and a feather in the blue piecing.  I was pretty happy with the results.

With a wide white border I had a lot of room to play!  I used several different digital feathered border patterns  then filled them in with freehand miniature bead board.  The overall look tied well with the lattice and gave the entire quilt a Victorian look that I was pleased with.  Pat was very pleased with the end result too!
Long view of the border
With a fairly plain back all of the quilting shows up nicely on the back!

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