Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yes, I've been missing in action.  For way longer than I thought.  My apologies to everyone but somehow life just seems to keep us pretty busy.  Thankfully, my customers have been keeping me busy too and I have many, many beautiful quilts to share with you.  I've been organizing quilt photos (after 2 computer crashes this has been quite a task) and will try to post new ones to share on a regular basis.  I'm also posting on Pinterest if you're in that neighborhood too.

This lovely "Union Jack" quilt was pieced by my friend and customer Cat Downs.  She made it to give as a wedding gift to a friend of hers.  I used Quilters Dream Wool batting and Glide thread.  The custom quilting is a combination of freehand and computerized quilting using my CompuQuilter (which I added to my A-1 Longarm last year).