Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Fall! Handwork time...

Now that the days are getting shorter I usually have time to sit in the evening and work on my ongoing handwork projects.  Last year I started working with Inktense pencils (which I adore!)....  This year I have gotten side tracked with Crayola Crayons and Crabapple Hill Embroidery Patterns and Cosmo Embroidery Thread which I saw at spring market.  I'm sharing this with you because what usually happens when things go into my blender-brain is a combination of techniques comes popping out!

I'm still infatuated with Inktense pencils, Crabapple Hill and Cosmo!  I think the crayons are going to have to find a new home.....  The pencils give you twice the color control with half the work!  Yay...exactly my motto.

This sunflower piece is my original Inktense piece from last year.  It will be a whole cloth quilt...I'm just showing you a peek.  I finished it with water so the colors are more watercolor like with some bleeding.  At this point I was still looking for a better way to finish the pencils on the fabric without the bleeding, but I liked the watercolor effect.

This is "Autum Calls" from Crabapple Hill that I finished last night.  It is colored with crayola crayons using her technique in the pattern, then embroidered with Cosmo Embroidery thread.  The crayons are beautiful, but a lot of work. Love the thread!   This was done on cream colored Kona cotton...I still need to wash and block it...add some piecing and then quilt it as a wall hanging.  Stay tuned for a finished project!

THE new project started last night....  an Art Deco flower done with Inktense Pencils and sealed with the MAGIC Ingredient that works beautifully!  (Stay tuned for a local class that I will be holding).  Done on white cotton, the colors really pop.  I'm embroidering it with Cosmo Embroidery thread too.  This will be a Mug Rug sample for the class.  I think this size will be addictive as it is going to be finished very quickly (Instant Gratification!).  I'm going to do some Christmasy ones too, for gifts....

This is the pattern "Autumn Calls" from Crabapple Hill Studio.  If you are interested in obtaining one, email me at  The pattern with the corresponding Cosmo Embroidery Thread Kit would be $27.50 plus postage.  


  1. Hi Margie, Thanks for your interest in testing my quilt pattern. Could you please email with your email address so that I can send you some information. thank you.